Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Funk

I know I'm not alone in going through periods in which you fall into some kind of funk - whether it be a minor illness or just fatigue from overtraining or not yet being recovered from previous workouts. I find myself currently slogging through a week like that. So far this week, I ran a decent 10-miler on Monday (after which I could tell I wasn't quite "right"), took Tuesday off due to feeling really drained, and ran an easy 4 miles today...still feeling weak and tired, with no pep in my legs. This could be a cold coming on, since I've been sneezing and sniffling a little.

I've got a 5-mile race this Saturday, and I'm pacing a friend for the last 21 miles of a 50-mile ultra on Sunday. I'll try to be disciplined enough to run relatively easy in the Saturday race (which I wish I hadn't signed up for, but what's done is done...and I'm not skipping it since it's paid says my frugal wife...and you're correct, dear). I'll need to save strength for Sunday's long run. Even with a full tank of energy, this weekend would be a challenge. Since I'm feeling wiped out, I'm now mentally stressed out about it. Last week was big, for me. 52 miles, including my first 20-miler in a monsoon, a hard hilly 10-miler, and and yet another freezing rainy run on it doesn't surprise me that I feel this way now. I guess my "point" to this rambling entry is that I don't really do well, mentally, with these periods of feeling wiped out, whether from a cold or otherwise - especially when training has been going so well. I know I need to listen to my body, back off a little and rest, and trust my fitness, knowing that I'll bounce back soon.

Sorry I don't have any cheese to offer you to go along with my whine.


  1. You could run the race with one of your girls as a "pacer". I'm sure you could talk one of the three into doing it.

  2. Natalie has a softball game, so mom and girls will be at the field already. I'll drive directly to the game after the race so I won't miss too much. I'll just force myself to take it easy. It'll be hard, but it'll be good to see how disciplined I can be.

  3. Taking it easy is one of the hardest parts of running. I try to sleep more when I feel like this. I go to bed earlier, not sleep later. This works for me. i'm sure you'll get through this OK. You are adapting to higher milage.

  4. I just happen to like cheese with whine:) Hang in there!! Happy Friday Colin!