Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/22-3/28

This was a recovery week for me. After running 51 miles and back-to-back HM's last week, my body was speaking to me loud and clear. I had already scheduled Monday as an off day and was running an easy 4 on Tuesday. Depending on how my body felt by that point, I thought I'd pencil in my first 20-miler for Wednesday. Thank goodness for erasers. I ended up running short and slow all week, and could tell that I needed it. I haven't had a "back-off" week in 9 weeks, so I was due anyway.

Here are this week's numbers:

Runs: 5
Miles: 30.1
Long: 8 (twice)
Time: 4:16:47
Miles, YTD: 497.1

My weight also dropped just under the low end of my "range" this week, so I upped my calories a little. This will be a challenge the next few weeks as my 20 milers start kicking in, along with my weekly mileage back up into the low 50's. I'll just have to eat more, darn it.

Speaking of 20-milers, I'll be running my first one on Monday. The forecast says 100% chance of rain. Lovely. I'll have a change of dry clothes in my truck...which will be coming right off when I get home so I can sit down into a tub of cold water and ice cubes. Ah, the simple (somewhat psychotic) joys of distance running.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi Colin,
    Nice job this week! Good luck on Wednesday with your first 20 miler:)

  2. Thanks Julie. I'll be running the 20 on Monday...but I'm sure I'll still be feeling it by Wednesday! ;-)

  3. Good idea to take it easy this week. You're doing some serious training. Good luck with the 20 miles!

  4. I'm not going to lie that I am glad someone else struggles a bit during the high mileage weeks to keep the cals up.

    What do you use? Just more food or supplements?

  5. Adam, I got booted out of a thread on a running website, where mostly women (and a few men) were talking about how hard it was for them to keep the weight OFF. When I said I had the opposite problem (not even in a bragging way), I was asked to "step away from the thread".
    To answer your question, I've tried counting calories before, but gave up after exactly 3 days. I'm not that disciplined. I weigh in once a week, and if I drop lower than I want, I just increase the calories (um, I think) by adding an afternoon snack (yogurt usually), or something after dinner (ice cream, usually). The only supplements I use are gels & sports drink during runs, and various vitamins, glucosamine (for my crazy knee) and fish oil every morning. That's it. Very scientific, I know.