Friday, January 8, 2010

No Harm, No Foul...But Plenty of Fowl

Before the holidays (going back to Thanksgiving), I was weighing in at 146 lbs. Yesterday, my first official post-holiday weigh-in, I tipped the scales guessed it! 146 lbs. The only explanation I can give is the increase in running mileage, because it CERTAINLY isn't from being "good", from an eating perspective. This week will be my fourth straight week of 40+ miles of running, which is the first time I've ever managed that modest feat.

Speaking of that, my body is feeling a tad beat up this week. I ran a 10-mile tempo run on Wednesday, which I probably should have run at an easy pace. I'm running a slow 12-miler today, then meeting tomorrow morning at 5:30am for a 1-hour group run. Should total about 44 miles for the week. My mission is to gradually get my weekly mileage up over 50 within the next couple of months. If I can top out at 60 without getting injured, I'll give that a go, too. I want to have as much base as possible going into my marathon in May.


  1. Your blog is cute. You remind me of me and my struggles.

  2. Hi Mama! Thanks for checking in. I appreciate the comments. I'll check out your blog, too! Take care & happy running!