Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Well, guess what!

Guess who's running again?

Jason. You probably don't know him, but he's fast.

Oh, and me! In a very limited form. I spent most of this year on my bike, putting in around 2200 miles so far. My target ride, in late August, was the 2-day, 188 mile RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver, and Party...although they dropped the ball on the Party part of the deal, due to a beer garden sponsor issue). Aside from nearly getting taken out by a massive dump truck, it was a fun experience. A couple of weeks ago, I rode the 50 mile Spokefest ride, with 40 miles of it being in a torrential downpour, leaving me wetter and colder than I've ever been on a bike. And, on 9/21, I'll be riding in the Coeur d'Fondo, in the 50 mile distance.

But a few weeks ago, I started mixing in a couple of runs per week, with plans to also add swimming to my program, and FINALLY entering a triathlon next year, after many years of thinking and talking about it.

I haven't run beyond 5 miles so far, but with the limited mileage and frequency, my body hasn't yet rebelled.

The big question is, can I control myself. If I start feeling good...too good...can I stay the course and run minimally, while still biking and swimming. I haven't had a good track record with that in the past.

Wish me luck...

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